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The Yuffie Chronicles

In Progress

Chapter 1

Yuffie woke up in a strange place, not unusual for her, however, and it only took her a second to remember where she was, and why. It had been a cold day in Wutai, strange, because it was almost never cold in Wutai, being a temperate-zone and all. She had gotten out of bed, showered, and eaten just like every other day, and had done her morning exercises, consisting of stretching and a mile run, just like every other day. In fact, except for the change in temperature, it was shaping up to be a very boring day, much like all the days since Meteor had been defeated. She had returned to Wutai a hero, but also as a teenage girl her father didn't want to grow up. She was put back into training to take over the Pagoda from her father, and had to wear kimonos all over the place, it truly sucked chocobo feathers.
Then it had happened. While on her run, she had tripped, and fallen. When she picked herself up and looked to see what it was that she had tripped over, there stood the biggest bird she had ever seen, ready to peck her eyes out. She had rolled out of the way, and come up with a mastered fire materia in her hand, ready to fry the bird, but it had turned quicker than she thought, and knocked her down again. The materia rolled away from her, beyond her reach. "Damn, she thought, "it took me months to master that." The bird was coming in for the kill; she just had a second. Yuffie rolled, and fell down the cliff, headed for the deep ravine that lay below. She grabbed onto a ledge with her right hand, but it broke away, and she continued her tumble, scared witless now. She screamed once, and then hit. Pain shot up through her body, and she expected to die right there, and passed out.
She had woken up some time later in the ravine, and had barely been able to move. Yuffie shed all the armor she could afford to, and tried to stand. She couldn't. Checking with her hands, she found that her left leg was broken as well as quite a few ribs, and a few fingers from when she tried to grab the ledge. Yuffie deeply regretted leaving her "full-cure" materia back home, and steeled herself as she snapped her broken leg back into the correct position. She screamed in pain, and blacked out again.
She woke this time to drops of rain falling on her, soaking her clothes and making her shiver. Yuffie knew she needed to get in out of this rain, and looked for any sort of shelter. None presented itself save for a tiny overhang not big enough for her to hide under. So the young ninja steeled herself once again, and started to crawl. Where, she didn't know, anywhere was better than here. She couldn't see the sun, so Yuffie had no idea which direction she crawled, she only knew she crawled for a long time, long enough for the rain to increase into a downpour, and the cold to intensify until she thought she must be on the Northern Continent. At long last, Yuffie saw a cave. A small cave, but a cave. As she neared it, she realized that it was the Materia Cave where she had gotten her Mime materia when she had been with Avalanche. Yuffie crawled inside, and all the way to the back. With a final groan, she passed out.
She woke to the first rays of sunrise peeking through the cave mouth. "Oh god, I've been like this for a whole day?!" she moaned, and tried to sit up. She finally managed to get herself propped up against the wall, and looked at her leg. It was definitely swollen, as were here broken fingers, but not bad. She couldn't see much discoloration, so not infection. At least not yet, she thought to herself grimly. She checked her materia, only a mastered ice, and a mastered leviathan, no help to her right now. Since she was just going for a jog, she hadn't brought a pack of any kind, so no potions. She looked at the rest of her. Scratches everywhere, clothing torn, hair a mess, and she was sure she had a bunch of broken ribs. "Gotta find a way out of here." She thought out loud.
Yuffie woke up again to hear voices outside. She must have dozed off. "I'm tellin you, it's around here somewhere, I seen it!" "Oh, you're full of it, there's nothin round here, just a bunch of rocks." Two male voices, close. Suddenly a female voice piped up. "Will you two shut up, I can hardly hear myself think! Why in the world do I keep getting dragged on these things?!" Yuffie thought she recognized the last voice, but couldn't remember from where. She didn't know if they were friend or foe, but Yuffie needed help, and fast. She started yelling, "Help!!!! Help me, in here, HHHEEEEELLLLPPPPP!!!!!!" The pain from her ribs wouldn't let her yell anymore, but she had gotten their attention, whoever they were.
"It came from this way, hey look, a cave, I told you it was around here!" "Shut up and follow me, we have to check this out." The voices were getting closer; Yuffie readied her materia, just in case. The first speaker rushed into the cave, a boy of about 17, her age, dressed in a black suit. He was followed by another boy, a little older, dressed the same way. They could almost be twins, she thought, both were blonde, about six feet in height, with muscular builds. Then the woman entered the cave. Their eyes met, and Yuffie groaned. "Yuffie?!" Elena asked incredulously.
The first boy, who it turned out was named Bret, picked Yuffie up at Elena's order, and the second, Alex, followed them back to the waiting chopper. Yuffie, who would have enjoyed being carried by this hunky guy had she been in less pain, noticed Elena's uniform was also black now. She asked, "Hey 'Lena, what's with the new suits?" The blonde Turk turned to her, her old ditzy ways gone now, and said, "We mourn the loss of our leader, Rufus. And you're lucky I didn't finish you off back there, just keep your mouth shut and sit still, we'll decide what to do with you later." Yuffie gulped, but nodded and kept her mouth shut.
And that's how she ended up in this room, a very elaborately decorated cell, but comfy and nice for her healing. Her ribs and fingers were completely healed, her leg was taking a little longer, she still had to use a crutch, and it hurt sometimes when it was cold. She still didn't understand why they didn't just use full cure, and get it over with, but she hadn't seen anyone except Alex in days, and he never said anything to her, just checked her leg, and left food. She thought she had seen Rude when she first arrived, giving orders to more young Turk recruits. She wondered if Reno was around, she liked Reno.
Someone knocked on the door, like always. She thought it was cute how Alex made sure to do that, after the first day when he had walked in on her in her underwear. She didn't mind, really, she had lived around boys all her life, and being in her underwear, which covered the same as a swimsuit, around them didn't bother her. "It's okay Alex, I'm decent." She called. The door opened. It wasn't Alex.
"Hello Yuffie, long time no see." Reno said, leaning on the door frame in his new black suit, still wearing it with the shirt untucked and looking so very GQ. "Reno, nice to see you, I was wondering when you'd drop by!" She said happily, from her sitting position in bed. "Yuffie, why do we always seem to run into each other? I hear you broke some very important bones, how do you feel now?" Reno said, coming to sit on her bed. Yuffie grinned and said, "Just great, I feel like I could kick your butt a thousand times by myself." Reno chuckled and put his hand on her leg where it had been broken, and saw her wince. "I don't think so." He said. "Yuffie, you may have noticed some changes in the Turks since the last time we saw each other. We're recruiting new members, and I'd like you to consider joining us. We report to Reeve now, and we carry out company policy, and protect people, ya know? Think about it, but don't think too long. If you haven't decided by the time you're fully healed, we'll be forced to terminate you." This information hit Yuffie like a brick. "Terminate me?! If I don't join you, a group you say now helps people, you'll kill me?! What the $%#$." She swore. Reno raised an eyebrow, and chuckled, "You've been around Cid too long. Yuffie, no one knows about us yet, I want to keep it that way. There is a new mafia in Midgar, and if they find out about the Turks, they'll try and infiltrate us, and we can't have that. So if you won't join, as much as I like you, I'll kill you myself. Think it over, I'll be back later for your answer."
It had been a week, and Yuffie was getting really, really tired of sitting around and eating soup. Her leg had been getting better and better, and she had begun to do exercises everyday, to get her strength back. Still, she would have liked to go for a run now and then. Alex would occasionally tell her things now, like what new Turks learned and how they trained. Yuffie liked the kid, kind of like the little brother she never had. There was a knock on her door. She stopped in mid stretch to think, and hopped up. "Enter." She stated in what she hoped was her most official sounding voice. The door swung open, and Reno stood leaning on the door. "I wonder if he thinks that makes him look cool?" Yuffie thought. She continued stretching, as he watched. "You seem to be fully recovered." He observed. Yuffie thought a second, then said, "Yeah, not totally, but I'm good to go. Just need to get some exercise, and I'll be good as new." The redheaded Turk nodded and came in, shutting the door behind him. He sat in the only chair in the room and asked her, in all seriousness, "Have you thought about my offer?" Yuffie plopped down on the floor in front of him, her shorts and sweater top had been ripped to shreds, so she wore sweats and a loose T-shirt, very comfy, she thought. "I thought bout it, and I'll join on one condition. I gotta work with you." She grinned at him, hoping it looked cute, and not stupid like it felt. Reno messed up her hair playfully and said, "Maybe. Let's get you to a shower then, you smell kinda gamey." Yuffie shrieked and punched his leg playfully, then got up and followed him out.
It was her first time seeing her surroundings, she had passed out when they took her to her room. It was a huge building, she assumed it was the Shin-ra HQ, but it was remodeled because the original had been destroyed by Meteor. The whole corridor was stark white, with splashes of sunlight coming from the skylights high above. Then she noticed. "We're underwater!" she cried. Reno looked back at her and chuckled. "The underwater reactor, or what used to be, near Junon, to be exact. Reeve sent us here to train so no one would know about the new Turks until the time was right." He explained. Yuffie stood in awe, looking straight up at the fish and dolphins that swam by the skylight. She had a thought all of a sudden, and looked at Reno. "So, since Tseng is dead, Rufus too, are you the leader of the Turks?" she asked. Reno laughed and said, "No, actually, we have a new leader, he showed up after Meteor had been destroyed. You'll meet him eventually. This way."
After a hot shower, some time to comb the tangles out of her hair, and a brand new black suit, Yuffie felt much better. She looked at the suit she had been given, and pouted a minute about her lack of curves. Then, since that's the way she is, Yuffie smiled cheerfully and trotted off to explore her new room. It was big, bigger than her room in Wutai, but it needed something. "I know! I need my Britney Spears posters!" Yuffie cried. Hmmm, no time to go get them, she thought. Someone knocked, and when she answered she was surprised to see Elena there. She was holding a bag, and smiled when Yuffie answered. "Hiya Yuffster, thought you might need some, feminine essentials, if ya know what I mean." Elena quipped, back to her usual ditzy self. Yuffie grabbed the bag and was happy to see everything she needed. "Thanks Elena, I was afraid to ask." She said. Elena smiled and replied, "No prob Yuff, it'll just be nice to have another girl on the team, it was pretty lonely being the only one. By the way, my room is right next door, so if you need anything, let me know." She started to leave, and then thought of something, "Oh, Yuffie, um, don't come by after 10, that's, um, when Rude comes over."
Yuffie had been given her weapons back once she had become a Turk, and had been training hard again for weeks. She had been sparring with another young Turk whose name she could never remember, but he was pretty good. Reno stopped by every once in a while, but she guessed he was pretty busy. He always talked about having to go talk to the leader guy, or dealing with Reeve, or something else equally boring. She had been able to go home and grab some stuff, most importantly her posters, and so she felt much more at home now. Elena and her hung out lots, but she would much rather hang out with Reno. Today, it was class day. She hated class day, always boring, learning about company policy and stuff. She usually just doodled and wrote notes to Alex, who was in her class. They had also become good friends. Alex was an expert with daggers, and she loved to watch him practice, it was like watching a ballet or something. The instructor, some old guy that had worked for Shin-ra before Meteor, turned and said they could go for the day. Yuffie ran out of the class with as much enthusiasm as the rest of the youth, until she caught sight of Reno, then she out ran the rest of them like they were standing still.
"Hey Reno, what's happening?" she asked as she reached him. He was amused that this girl had so much energy, and yet could drive him so crazy at the same time. She could have been his baby sister, but he wanted her all the same. "Yuffie, you, Elena, Rude, and me are going to Midgar to meet with Reeve and our bosses. Pack a few changes of clothes, but they should have a room waiting for you with a few essentials." He instructed. Yuffie jumped up in the air and yelled, "Yipppeeee!!!" She dashed down the hall towards her room, nearly bowling Elena over in the process. "Whoa, Yuffie, slow down, you nearly killed me!" Elena yelled. Yuffie stopped long enough to apologize, and then was in her room, throwing clothes together and stuffing them into a duffel bag for her trip. Elena walked in to witness this exercise in chaos, and laughed.
As the helicopter neared Midgar, Yuffie could hardly contain her excitement, or her lunch. Luckily she had packed a bunch of tranquilizers for just this reason, and was popping them like candy. The whirly-bird touched down, and she jumped out, kissing the ground and looking around expectantly. What she saw sent her into uncontrollable fits of laughter. Cait Sith, Reeve's robotic toy, was waiting for them. Apparently both Cait and his moogle had been appointed to the Turks, because both Cait Sith and the moogle wore the black suit jacket, shirt and tie. Cait looked extremely annoyed at Yuffie's lack of respect for his authority, and his moogle wasn't too happy either. They hopped over to her and tried to chew her out, but couldn't even be heard over the laughter of Yuffie, and now the rest of the Turks, who had just seen the two.
Cait Sith, still extremely peeved, lead the way through the halls of Shin-ra Inc. They passed numerous labs and offices, where new ideas were being formulated and tested daily for alternate power sources, besides Mako, that is. They finally reached the office of President Reeve, and waited for admittance, while Cait Sith complained about being laughed at. Yuffie couldn't help but snicker every time she looked at him. The doors opened, and she followed the other Turks in. At the desk sat Reeve, hunched over numerous documents, patents, and assorted paperwork. To his right stood a tall man, dressed similar to a Turk, but instead of the usual white shirt, his was black. He wore his long hair pulled back, to reveal a face she hadn't seen in some time. "Vincent!!" she screamed and ran to embrace him. She hugged him, and didn't care that he seemed panicky as she did it. He held up his clawed hand, and said, "Please Yuffie, control yourself. I'm happy to see you too." Yuffie backed away to stand with her fellow Turks, and whispered to Elena, "So Vincent is our new leader?" Elena merely nodded, and waited for Reeve to speak.
"Thank you for coming so quickly, Turks. It seems our old friend Don Corneo is back, and causing trouble again. He's now in the drug business, specifically Heroin. I don't want the young people of Midgar influenced by this evil man, I need you to bring him in, shut down his operation, however you can. Vincent?" Reeve turned to the dark man.
"I will be going with you on this mission. Don Corneo's base of operations is in the Sector 2 slums, but he moves around so much, finding him is going to be tough. It's also been observed that the Don now has a strong following, and the Midgar Mafia is behind him. Yuffie, since you're the new girl around here, I'll explain how we do this. We have an operative inside right now, we are to link up with him, and find out where the Don is, then, after we nab him, we bring down his operation in a blaze of cleansing fire." Vincent instructed. "Got it." Yuffie said, ready for some action.
The six Turks slowly crept along the streets of Midgar, avoiding the many street people and prostitutes. "Ugh! Can't they do something about this place?!" Elena whined. Cait Sith bonked her with his megaphone and glared at her, reminding her to keep her mouth shut. Rude looked about ready to beat the robot to pieces, but thought better of it, since his boss was rather fond of the annoying thing. They reached an alley, and Vincent stopped. "Cait Sith, Yuffie, and Elena, this is where we split. I'll take Rude and Reno and go this way, you three circle around the back, we'll surround the place and then nab the Don." He ordered. Cait nodded and took his force through the alley. Yuffie immediately began to feel nauseous as the wave of urine and garbage smells overpowered her. "$*&^, this sucks!" She exclaimed, covering her nose. She noticed Cait Sith's moogle doing the same. They made it out of the alley, and took a second to recover. The agent Reeve had placed in Don Corneo's service had told them to come to this place, and then disappeared. Yuffie had a bad feeling about this.
"Red team, are you in position?" Cait Sith spoke into his PHS. Vincent's voice came from the other end, "Yes, begin on my mark. Now!" Yuffie heard gunfire, and knew that the boys had started the assault. She had drawn her shuriken already, and now charged the building with Elena and Cait running behind her. They all managed to get inside with almost no difficulty, another bad sign, she thought. The place was dark, and there wasn't a sound. "I've got a bad feeling about this." Yuffie finally spoke. Elena nodded and tried to see through the darkness. She saw movement and was about to attack when Vincent's voice stopped her, "It's me. The place is empty, has been for some time. I think we were??p;quot; A barrage of clicks stopped him, as a squadron of guards all cocked their rifles at once. The lights flickered on, and Yuffie saw their prey laughing at them, safely behind his guards. "You thought you could capture the great Don Corneo?! I am the lord of the Underground, nothing happens without my knowing about it!. Guards, take their weapons and put them in the dungeon." The fat man rambled. Yuffie heard Cait Sith swear, and Elena whimper, and handed over her shuriken to the guard that had her at gunpoint.

Chapter 2

Yuffie banged on the bars of the cell she shared with Elena and Cait Sith. They had been stuck her for nearly a day, and Yuffie hated jails. She had seen more than her share of them in the past, and they all had one thing in common. She hated them! Elena was still whimpering, rocking back and forth on the bed, and Cait Sith was playing a game of Go Fish with his moogle. She had to get out of here, Yuffie was sure of it. Don Corneo had outwitted them, again! It drove her nuts thinking about it. The "agent" they had been informed by was not the same agent that Reeve had placed in the Don's service. That agent was now wearing cement shoes, sleeping with the fishes, whatever you want to call it, he was dead, and no one would ever find the body. They'd been tricked, and now she had no idea where the rest of her team was. "Kupo!" the moogle had just won the card game. "Glad you two are having fun, I'm going crazy over here!" Elena screamed.
Vincent sat deep in thought, meditating on a way out of this mess. Reno was composing his will, and Rude, well, Rude just sat and said nothing as usual. "There has to be a way out of this!" Vincent yelled, hitting the wall. "And my golf clubs go to Rude, oh wait, Rude's in here??p;quot; Reno mumbled. Vincent smacked him, "Help me think of a way out of here, we're not dead yet!" "We might as well be, no way out, those bars are solid steel, can't be broken, and there's no window." Rude mumbled from the corner. Vincent had an idea now. He quickly changed into the Chaos beast, and bent the bars open, then did the same for the other cell. As his limit break wore off, Vincent returned to normal, visibly shaken. "You okay, Vincent?" Yuffie asked. "Sin, more sin??p;quot; Vincent muttered.
The six Turks made their way through the dark halls of the dungeon. There was no light, so they depended on Vincent's night vision to guide them. Rats skittered away as they passed, snakes slithered by, sometimes brushing Yuffie's leg. "Ewwww! Gross!" she yelped. Elena clamped a hand over her mouth, warning silence. Vincent had stopped, they had reached a large wooden door. "Rude, help me open this." Vincent said, grabbing the handle with the bald man. They pulled, and slowly the door swung outwards. A startled guard jumped up, trying to pull his gun, and was silenced when Reno snapped his neck. They had reached the armory, and grabbed their weapons. There was one door in the room besides the one they had entered, and so they readied for combat and opened the door.
Below them lay dirty brown water, sewer water. It was so dark that they couldn't tell how deep it was. "Looks like the only way out is through that." Elena observed. The Turks jumped, one by one, into the sewer. The dirty water only came to their knees, but it was disgusting just the same. Cait Sith's moogle had to struggle to keep his head above the water. Slowly they made their way through the muck, and as they walked, voices started to get louder, as if they were nearing a group of people. "There's someone coming, everybody into the shadows." Vincent ordered. No sooner had they taken cover than a boat drifted by, a guard pushing it along using a pole. There were three guards on the boat, and one figure that looked mildly familiar. "Hey, isn't that Scarlet?!" Reno whispered. Vincent nodded, "Wonder what she's doing with Corneo." "Maybe she's a lesbian." Elena chuckled, receiving a glare from Vincent. "We'd better get moving, it's only a matter of time before she knows we've escaped." Yuffie said. The group hurried along, further down the sewer.
They had taken a wrong turn somewhere, because now they were stuck at a grate high above the water purification plant on the outskirts of Midgar, with no where to go. "Hey Vincent, don't that Chaos thingy have wings? You could fly us outta here." Rude suggested. The dark man shook his head, "No, I could only carry one of you at a time, and it's too far to fly six times." Cait Sith shook his head sadly, "My master is asleep, so I can't contact him for help." They decided to backtrack, and try to find another way out. But as they turned, they found themselves looking straight into the eyes of an enormous alligator monster. It attacked, and the group found themselves divided in half, with the monster in between them. They all drew their weapons, as Elena healed Cait Sith, who had gotten hit with the beast's tail. Vincent and Rude started firing shot after shot at the beast, but their shells bounced off like they were flies. Reno attacked with his electromag rod, but the beast simply swatted him away. Reno hit the wall hard, and fell, dazed, into the water. As he tried to heal himself, Yuffie, wishing she had her mastered fire materia right now, rushed in and slashed at the monster. She managed to get a small trickle of blood flowing before the gator hit her with some sort of magic, blinding her and sending her flying back. Elena healed her, and then tried to use bolt on the beast, to no avail. Cait Sith, the last of the group to attack, tried his slots limit break, and ended up with the mog dance. "$#%^%, I hate it when that happens!" he swore. The alligator started to gather energy, and the group hastily put up shields. A huge blast of water magic hit them, knocked them back. Starting to get worn down, the Turks were desperate. Elena tried Sense on the creature. "He's weak against fire magic!" she yelled. Yuffie swore and made a mental note to get another fire materia if she got out of this alive. Vincent stood and yelled, "Ifrit!" The summon came out of nowhere and hit the gator for 9999 hp, and the beast vanished. Yuffie looked incredulously at Vincent and asked, "Why didn't you do that earlier?!" He shrugged, "Forgot I had it." After a lot of swearing from everybody, including the moogle, they continued on, looking for a way out.
After fighting several more of the alligator beasts, the group was getting tired, they had been walking for what seemed like hours, and hadn't found an exit yet. Vincent, who looked about ready to drop, and had used all his MP fighting, called for a halt. "This is getting us no where fast. Aren't there any manholes in this damn city?!" he cursed. Cait Sith laughed nervously, "Um, I, uh, had them sealed to keep the monsters in the sewers." Reno glared at the robot and asked, "Well, then, are there any other exits from this place?" The robot thought, and snapped his fingers, "I remember one exit, should be near here, too. It's a hardly ever-used warehouse, so I didn't seal the manhole! Follow me!" The moogle took off running, Cait Sith riding him like a jockey, with his head down, as the rest of the group struggled to keep up. "What I wouldn't give for a chocobo right now." Yuffie groaned.
"What the hell are they doing here?!" Cait Sith demanded, referring to Corneo's guards stationed outside of the "warehouse" that he had thought of earlier. The manhole was gone, instead a set of stairs and a door had been built, with the guards at the bottom of the stairs and at the top. They group was too exhausted for a fight, and there was no other way out. "Vincent, can you hit one of them with your sniper rifle?" Elena asked. He shook his head, "I'm out of bullets, I was planning on picking up some when we got back." Rude held up his shotgun, which had been damaged in the last fight, and he had been using it as a club ever since. "Wait, I know!" Cait Sith jumped up and down happily on his moogle. He took out a manipulate materia and used it on the guard at the top of the stairs. The guard took out his gun and shot the other guards, then turned it on himself. With the obstruction out of the way, Cait Sith led the way triumphantly to the door.
They opened the door slowly, creeping in, careful not to make a sound, and found themselves in a manufacturing plant of some sort. "The Heroin den." Reno stated. Sure enough, bag upon bag of the drug were being boxed and prepared for shipping. "I knew I should have torn this place down!" Cait Sith mumbled. Yuffie noticed something in the corner, and snuck up to it. A glimmer reappeared, and the ninja/Turk grabbed it. A green materia, one she had never seen before. Happy with her find, she placed it in the slot where her fire materia used to be, and crept back to her waiting friends. Vincent was talking, "We need to find a way to blow this place up, a bomb of some kind." Reno grinned and said, "Give me five minutes, and I'll have this place a smoking rubble." Vincent nodded, and Reno ran off. The five remaining Turks watched as guards walked by, talking about the latest skin flick, or some other mindless dribble. One guard came a little too close, and was dragged in and killed by Vincent. Then the dark one scavenged the dead guard's ammo, and threw him into the sewer.
Reno came running back, a satisfied grin on his face, and said, "Bomb is set, all it needs is for me the push the button, and this flame is gonna go sky high." Vincent nodded and said, "Good, then let's get out of here." It was at that moment, however, that a familiar face came into the room, with another familiar face. "Alex, with Don Corneo?!" Elena hissed. Sure enough, Yuffie's classmate stood talking with the crime boss, still in his Turk suit. "I am proud of you, my boy, you've made your uncle a lot of money selling Heroin at that Turk school." The Don was saying. Yuffie heard Reno hiss and started swearing profusely under his breath. She hadn't even known there was Heroin at the school, must less someone selling it. And Alex was Don Corneo's nephew?! Wild. Unfortunately for the Turks, it was at that moment that Scarlet returned, and found the guards. From their position, the Turks saw the slutty woman run in, followed by her three guards, and report to Don Corneo of their escape. The room was immediately teeming with activity. Guards running everywhere, alarms going off, and Don Corneo going nuts. He shoved Alex toward the exit and told him to get back to the school ASAP, and then ran from the room. Scarlet continued giving orders, as five guards mysteriously disappeared.
Yuffie carefully stole a glance behind her at Vincent, trying to carefully conceal his claw in the guard's uniform he wore. Then there was Reno, Rude, and Elena. Cait Sith was carefully stuffed into Vincent's pack, while the moogle made an obvious bulge in Rude's pack. They marched down the hall following the rest of the guards, headed for the Don's personal auditorium. They reached the room, which was actually the Don's bedroom, but the man's ego was so huge that he had declared it an auditorium. They positioned themselves like the other guards, each guarding a wall or entrance. Yuffie hoped they wouldn't be here for long, the guard she had taken the uniform off of was much larger than her, and if you looking close enough you could see where her uniform was tucked to make it look right. She also wished she had worn boxers over her regular underwear today, because the thought of what had been in that area in the uniform before sickened her. The Don was with one of his ladies, which made her even more sick, and the poor girl was being subjected to the pervert's desires. Yuffie wished she could gut the man right now, but she'd be dead before she even got to him, there were so many guards around now. Her mind drifted to the strange green materia she had picked up, she wondered what it did. Yuffie longed to try it out.
After an eternity of watching the Don satisfy his perverted desires, the change of the guard finally got there, and the Turks and the real guards marched back to the barracks, and from there, the outside. When they got to the barracks, the other guards started taking off their helmets and changing, but the Turks needed to get out of there, fast. Vincent casually made his way through the group, instructing them to come out in groups of two, and to act casual. Then he told Yuffie and Elena to go first. The two tried to walk like men, sauntering out the door, but once they were outside, they shivered and hurried to a secluded corner of the empty lot, near some sickly looking trees. Reeve had tried to institute a tree-planting campaign, but there still wasn't much lifestream around Midgar to let the trees grow. As they reached the trees, Reno and Rude came out the door, looking relaxed, and walked towards them. Last, Vincent came out the door, but a few guards followed him, so they kept their distance, until the two finished their cigarettes and went back inside the barracks. The Turks threw off their helmets and let Cait Sith out, then hurried off into the woods. When they were a safe distance away, Reno turned the switch on his remote, and the building erupted in a cloud of smoke and a huge column of fire. As the group recovered their hearing, Yuffie gasped, "What the hell did you put in that bomb?!" Reno chuckled and said, "I put a plasma charge on the furnace, the second it went off, the Mako in the furnace ignited, and blew the place apart."
They finally reached the Shin-ra complex, exhausted, and smelling like the sewer, still dressed like Corneo guards. The security guard wouldn't have let them in at all, except for Cait Sith. Once inside, Vincent told them he would go report to Reeve, they could get cleaned up and get some rest. As he was walking off with Cait Sith following him, though, he sniffed himself and said quietly, "Maybe I should take a shower first." Yuffie grinned and dashed for her room, looking forward to a nice long bath and then throwing this uniform in a fire, when Elena caught up with her and asked her to have a drink with her later. Yuffie told Elena about the bath, and the blonde Turk laughed, "I was thinking the same thing, just come by after you're done, I've got some outstanding Icicle Wine, it's like candy!" Yuffie agreed, and ran into her room, shedding clothes as she went, and turned on the water. It was only then, looking in the mirror, that she noticed that she had a deep gash on her shoulder. "Probably from that stupid guard." She thought. Getting a sudden thought, she grabbed some bubble bath and added it to the water. "I love bubble baths." She giggled. Shedding the last of her clothes, Yuffie sank into the warm water, bubbles floating around her and tickling her nose. She let her head rest on the side of the tub, and closed her eyes dreamily.
Yuffie woke up because she heard a knock on her door. Still half asleep, forgetting where she was, she said, "Come in." Reno entered, expecting her to be dressed, and started, "Hey Yuffie, Elena was wondering where????e...oh boy." He stopped and stared, Yuffie's body was covered by the bubbles, everything but her legs and head, but the idea that the girl he had a crush on was naked in the same room as he was almost knocked him over. Yuffie, realizing her position, giggled nervously, "Um, hi Reno. Uh, would you mind handing me that towel and turning around?" Reno dumbly handed her the towel and turned around. He heard water slosh behind him, and heard the towel rustle as Yuffie dried herself, and let the water out of the tub. "You can turn around now." She said sweetly. Reno turned to see Yuffie wrapped in the towel, brushing the tangles out of her hair that had grown longer since her days in Avalanche. "What time is it, Reno? I must have fallen asleep." She asked. Reno, still at a loss, couldn't reply. Yuffie sighed, walked over, and looked at his watch. "9:30?! Wow, I was asleep for six hours! Thanks Reno." She said, kissing him on the cheek. That was too much, Reno's head was swimming. He mumbled something and left quickly. Yuffie giggled and continued brushing her hair.
After putting on makeup and getting dressed in her Turk suit, Yuffie walked into Elena's room to find her, Rude, Reno, and Cait Sith sitting around drinking, with the latter on the floor playing mercy with the moogle. She sat down and was handed a glass of wine, and stared at it for a minute. "What's the matter, Yuffie, don't like wine?" Elena asked. Yuffie shook her head, "I don't know, I've never had a drink before." Reno, still shook up from recent events, snickered like a teenager and said, "This oughta be fun." The Turks proceeded to get her fall down drunk, and then had fun playing keep away with Cait Sith's crown.
The next morning, Yuffie woke up to a horrendous headache and a dry feeling in her mouth. The first thing she noticed was that Cait Sith was asleep on top of her. The second thing she noticed was that she was asleep on top of Reno. She stood up quickly, unsure of what had happened the previous night, throwing Cait Sith to the floor, where he simply rolled over and went back to sleep. It was then that she noticed that they were still in Elena's room, and she was still wearing her Turk suit. "Good, nothing must have happened." She thought. The door to Elena's room opened and she stumbled out, and immediately went to the coffee maker, which had a full pot already. She waved to Yuffie, and handed her a cup of coffee and two aspirin. Yuffie nodded as Elena tossed back the pills and drained the cup of coffee, poured herself another, and sat down. Yuffie did the same, and started to feel a little better. It was the that Rude appeared in Elena's door, wearing only his boxers, "Hey Elena, have you see my pants?" He noticed Yuffie, swore, and ducked back in Elena's bedroom. Yuffie giggled as Elena hurried over to the bedroom, walking somewhat funny, Yuffie thought.
The six Turks stood in front of Reeve, after Vincent had given his report, including the situation with the Turk training school, Reeve had called for all of them. "We have no way of knowing who had been compromised in the school, so I'm closing it down, Alex has already been apprehended, and is in the Junon penitentiary. You six are the Turk justice force, you're the only ones I can trust. There is, however, one more problem I need you to oversee before I give you your vacation." Reeve was saying. Reno asked, "What is it, boss?" The president of Shin-ra smirked and said, "Cait Sith needs a bath..."

Chapter 3

It had been less than a week since they had blown up the drug lab when the Turks were called into Reeve's office again. "Guys, I know I promised you a vacation, but we have another problem. It seems that a few of the Don's associates escaped from that fireball Reno created in the middle of the slums, and they relocated to Junon. I've been getting reports of crooked officials, slumlords, and drug dealers littering the streets of Junon, and undermining the authority of the Shin-ra corporation. I need you Turks to go there, find out as much as you can about what is going on, and report back to me so we can decide what to do." Reeve turned to face the window for dramatic effect after his speech, he loved to do that. Vincent saluted and the Turks left Reeve along with his Pokemon game.
"You heard him men...OW!! Okay, women too, let's get over to Junon and gather some information." Reno grabbed his leg where Yuffie had kicked him and hopped down the hall. Yuffie sighed and followed Elena to their floor to pack. She unconsciously twirled the unknown materia in its slot as she walked. She really wanted to know what it did. Maybe she could test it out in Junon. Elena and Yuffie parted company, each going to her own room to pack, and Yuffie slumped down on her bed to gather her unmentionables. "I need some new undies." She said to no one in particular. As Yuffie stuffed clothes into her pack, she thought about the past week, drinking and partying with the Turks. It was fun, but she hated the hangovers. "Whatever" she sighed as she stood and headed for the door.
The chopper landed softly in Junon, but Yuffie had already puked numerous times out the window, having forgotten her tranquilizers. She got out, woozy, and leaned on Reno. After regaining some strength, she popped a few mints into her mouth and stumbled after Vincent, who was striding towards a nearby inn. They had left Cait Sith back at Midgar, the robot wouldn't fit in well on a recon mission, and five Turks was more than enough for the job. They had forgone their usual black suits for more casual, and thus inconspicuous, clothing. Yuffie of course had put on her old outfit, Vincent had just taken off the jacket and tie from his Turk suit, and the other three Turks were dressed in various shorts and T-shirts. They quintet entered the inn, and got two rooms, one for Yuffie and Elena, and one for the boys. Yuffie snickered a little, because she knew Rude would end up in their room. Vincent told them to split up, with Yuffie and Reno together, and Rude and Elena together. "Well what are you gonna do?" Yuffie asked. Vincent smiled and said, "I'll be watching our enemies."
They hadn't seen anything suspicious in over two hours, so Yuffie and Reno were quite bored. They had gone down every alley, every back road, every seedy looking building in Junon, and found nothing. They had even gone into lower Junon in the hopes of finding anything out of the ordinary, but nothing. They were now sitting on a ledge next to where the Junon Cannon used to be, throwing rocks into the water and taking turns sighing. They hadn't seen Elena and Rude in quite some time, so they assumed the two had found a secluded spot and got it on. "This sucks Reno, nothings happening!" Yuffie whined. She tossed a rock into the water, and heard a metal sounding impact. Standing up quickly, as did Reno, they saw a sub rise up out of the water and make towards the harbor. Reno took out his binoculars and trained them on the sub. As it docked, two figures got out. He set his binoculars down and turned to Yuffie. "Scarlet and Alex." He said.
"I thought Reeve said he was in jail?!" Elena cried. "He must have been broken out, cause that's who I saw down there." Reno replied. They had gone back to the inn to find Elena and Rude getting out of the shower. Yuffie promptly decided she wasn't going to shower the whole time they were there. Vincent still had not returned. "They must be based in the underwater reactor, why else would they be using the sub?" Rude said. Yuffie nodded, "Alex would know it was deserted, and Scarlet would still have the codes. But what's the point of being that far away from the market?" Vincent walked in at that moment and threw a large rifle on the ground in front of them. "Because they aren't in the drug market anymore."
"You're kidding! An army, ready to march on Junon?!" Reeve was upset, screaming at the monitor that Vincent was talking to him on. "That's right sir, and they've got weapons unmatched by anything I've ever seen. Portable Mako Cannons, and lots of them. They could wipe out our army in a matter of minutes." Vincent was saying. Reeve shook his head, "You've got to destroy the reactor, then. If it blows, they've got no way to escape. Take the rest of the Turks, and blow that thing up." Vincent nodded and blinked off the screen. "Oh lord, we're in trouble." Reeve said, his head in his hands.
The Turks readied for the mission. Clad once again in their suits, they strapped their weapons on and checked their materia. Vincent was bringing the gun he had found, and Rude had bought a new Contain materia. Yuffie still wondered at the strange green materia. They all drew their weapons as they entered the lift, prepared for a fight. When the lift touched down at the bottom of the reactor, the doors opened and the Turks rushed out. There were two guards, that Reno and Rude quickly dispatched, and they were off. There was no need for stealth yet, they were still in the main hall, there was no where to hide anyway. Halfway down the hall, they met up with a squad of soldiers headed for leave in Junon. Vincent saw them first, and drew his Death Penalty, firing a shot at the head of one. In connected, and as the soldier fell the others drew their rifles and were preparing to fire when a blast of lightening, ala Reno, connected and threw them all back. Yuffie stepped up and threw her Conformer at one of the soldiers. He held up his rifle to block, and it was sawed in half by the shuriken. Yuffie caught it and stepped back as Elena fired a blast of fire at the same soldier. Burned to a crisp, he fell. Another soldier fired a shot at Rude, but he dodged and fired a slug from his shotgun, felling the soldier. The last man tried to run, but was cut down by a blast from Vincent. Satisfied at their performance, the Turks continued on, more carefully this time.
They had reached the inner corridors. Guards stood everywhere, armed to the teeth. There was no way around it, if they wanted to get to the core, they had to go through this section, and that meant they had to fight. Yuffie, finally curious enough to risk the consequences, readied her unknown magic materia. "Hey, what's that?" Reno asked. Yuffie shrugged, "Don't know, picked it up at the drug lab, I'm gonna try it now." She stepped to where she could aim at the guards and used the materia. The other Turks stood waiting for whatever the materia would do to the guards. Yuffie disappeared. "Yuffie?!" Reno whispered, panicked. "Yeah, I'm right here." Yuffie voice said, coming from where she had been standing a second before. "Holy ##%, Invisible materia!" Elena whispered excitedly. Vincent nodded, "Link it with all, and lets sneak by these guys." Yuffie's voice giggled, "Can you imagine how much materia I could steal with this equipped?" The other Turks sighed and shook their heads as they disappeared. They found that they could still see each other, and now Yuffie, and crept down the hall. At the last guy, Rude reached out and punched the guard on his right, who crumpled. The other guards, thinking he had fallen asleep, laughed. Rude chuckled happily as Elena gave him a dirty look.
The Turks reached the foyer outside the main auditorium, the door was open. Vincent cocked his head to the side and said, "I hear voices coming from in there, let's take a look." The five crept into the auditorium, and where shocked by what they saw. In front of them, on a throne made of leather, was Don Corneo, and in front of him was Scarlet and Alex. "Didn't we kill that bastard?!" Elena whispered to Yuffie. Vincent gestured for quiet, and crept down the stairs until he was next to Don Corneo. "I'm telling you, I want every single Turk and Shin-ra bastard hunted down and hung for what they did to my beautiful lab! Do you have any idea how much money that cost me! I had to get a, ugh, discount whore the other night! I'm Don ###@ Corneo, and I will not settle for anything but full retribution, do you hear me?!" The corpulent drug lord continued, but Vincent had heard enough. He crept back to the Turks and said, "C'mon, let's blow this baby up."
The Turks set the charges all around the old reactor, still full of unused Mako energy. It would be more than enough to destroy the underwater facility. Around the reactor lay the bodies of the guards the Turks had killed on their way in. The Invisible effect had worn off shortly after they left the auditorium, Vincent was more than a little upset about it. "What if I had been caught in there?!" he shouted. Yuffie held her ears, "Hey, Vincent, I didn't even know what it did, how was I supposed to know it wore off?" The charges were all set, just waiting for Reno to set them off. Yuffie activated the Invisible materia again, and they headed for the submarine bay. Once inside, Vincent stabbed the guard at the door, and took his security card. The Turks ran to the stylish Black submarine that Don Corneo personally rode in, and got in. The entire place looked like the set of a cheap porno flick, with leopard skin couches, disco balls, and cabinets full of disgusting looking objects. Rude and Reno promptly threw the cabinets overboard, along with the disco balls and a few assorted boxes of condoms. Yuffie noticed that Rude pocketed a few as he through them off, at Elena's nudging. Then Elena took the controls, Rude shut the hatch, and the rest of them sat down for the ride. As the sub drifted down to the exit hatch, Yuffie suddenly realized that this was too easy. "Something is wrong, why is this so easy? They should have known someone would find out about this base, and have security measures, right? I mean, even with the Invisible materia, they should know about us, right?" she reasoned. Vincent stood, "You're right, there's something that doesn't sit well with this. Like we were supposed to succeed. There weren't that many guards to start with. Where is this army that he's supplying?" But it was too late for them to find out anything, because at that moment they were out in the ocean, and heading at high speeds from the reactor. Reno extended the antennae on his remote, and flipped the switch. A shock wave hit the sub and threw it forward, knocking everybody down and spinning the little sub like a top. When Elena finally got control of the sub, they surfaced and found themselves off shore of the Northern Continent.

Chapter 4

The sub eased into the harbor Reeve had built in Midgar, hoping to attract shipping, but unfortunately fallen into disuse because nobody wanted anything to do with Midgar, except Junon, and they didn't have any need for Midgar products. So when the team exited the sub, the harbor was dark and empty, dust and mildew coating the area. Vincent led the Turks to the lift, not noticing that a second sub had appeared on the horizon.
"Yippee!" Reeve yelled, hopping up and down. "Finally, Midgar is rid of that disgusting mobster!" The Turks had just given their report to the President and his, ahem, secretary, a voluptuous blonde named Kiki that had been taking dictation on Reeve's lap when they entered. Vincent continued, "It just seemed a little too easy, sir, there was almost no defense! I mean, Corneo had all the weapons to carry out a huge war, and there was no army!" Reeve nodded, "I know, we discovered that Corneo's buyer was a member of the mafia, and it wasn't for an army, the man just wanted something extra to wipe out a rival. We picked them both up shortly after we sent you, and they confessed everything. You carried out your mission splendidly, though, Turks, and you deserve a vacation now, two weeks, no arguments, you've earned it." Reno's eyes glittered, thinking about all the alcohol he could consume in two weeks with nothing else to do. Rude and Elena were already headed for the door, they were taking a trip to Costa del Sol, alone. They had stressed the alone factor heavily. Vincent had plans to meditate and reflect, which left Reno and Yuffie alone. As she realized this, walking down the hall, Yuffie started giggling. As soon as he noticed this, Reno was curious, "What's so funny?" Yuffie waved her hand, "Nothing, nothing. Hey, how about taking me out tonight? I haven't been on a date since before we defeated Sephiroth." Reno shrugged and said, "Well, okay, if you really want to. Seen Loveless yet?" They continued talking as they walked down the hall, enjoying each other's company.
Three shadows crept along the streets of Midgar, two quietly, one crashing around quite a bit. "Will you be quiet, Corneo?!" Scarlet whispered angrily. The fat gangster stopped and made a face at her. The woman seriously regretted teaming up with him in the first place. The third member of the party, and the only one concentrating on the job at hand, was Alex. While the escape from the reactor had earned him a burned left arm and a deformed hand, he was still very much able-bodied, and now he was thirsty for blood. He had joined with his uncle for money and power, had volunteered for the spy mission for the excitement, but now he wanted revenge. Revenge for his pain, his burned body, and scarred image. He would take pleasure in slitting the throat of the little ninja, who he was sure was responsible. In truth, he was a heartless and cruel boy, relishing in the pain he could cause, especially to women. He had inherited that much from Corneo, and would dream nightly of killing each Turk, one by one. "You two be quiet, our prey is just ahead, I can feel it." He hissed.
Reno and Yuffie sauntered along the streets of Midgar, headed for the theatre, and the reopened showing of Loveless. Reno and actually dressed up, trading his usual Turk suit for a stylish white suit, and had actually tucked his shirt in. Yuffie couldn't help but drool over him. Of course, Reno felt the same way about Yuffie, who was dressed up as well. She wore a dark red dress that ended just above her knees, and hugged her slight curves well. She had caught Elena before she left, and her hair was now piled on her head. It was shaping up to be a great night. That was, until they rounded a corner and came face to face with Corneo and his associates. "How many times do I have to kill you?!" Reno yelled, reaching for his weapon until he remembered he had left it in his room. Yuffie also regretted leaving her shuriken back at the base, and also regretted wearing something she couldn't easily fight in. "Don't move, or I'll blow yer frickin head off." Corneo threatened. Reno looked at Yuffie and silently told her to run. She was about to, until someone grabbed her from behind and held a large dagger to her throat. "Don't even think about it." Alex snarled. She shivered, he was hurting her, the knife digging into her throat. Reno's eyes were wild, having to watch Yuffie being threatened by a boy he had trained. Scarlet sauntered up to the duo, and mocked them, "You think you're so bad because you're Turks, don't you? Well without the rest of your team, you're nothing, are you? You're our prisoner's now, and there's nothing you can do about it. Alex, bring the girl, I don't think Reno will give us any trouble." She turned and headed off down the alley, followed by Alex with Yuffie, and Reno, who was being shoved by the portly Don Corneo. Unknown to the gangsters, however, someone watched from the shadows.
The two Turks were shoved into a cell in the sub, as it pulled out of the harbor. Corneo was dancing around happily that he had finally caught his prey, as Alex gruesomely sharpened his knives, never taking his eyes off of Yuffie. Her dress had been torn when they had been thrown into the cell, although it gave her a little more freedom of movement, it hurt her. A guard drove the sub out of the harbor as the three gangsters taunted their catch mercilessly, tormenting them. As the sub drifted out of sight of the city, a lone black sub sank into the dark water and gave chase. The sub moved swiftly and silently, barely detectable save for by radar. Luckily, the mobsters were too elated with their catch to check it. The two subs traveled through the water, headed south. Soon, the wreckage of a Shin-ra GelNika class plane became visible. The lead sub was headed straight for it.
As Corneo, Scarlet, and Alex led their prisoners into the depths of the plane, a lone figure dropped down the hatch, snapping the neck of the solitary guard and creeping along behind the group. Yuffie stumbled along, Alex still holding a knife to her throat, occasionally pricking her and relishing in the scream she gave. Reno was getting madder and madder by the second, and if he had a weapon, would have attempted to kill Alex right then. As it were, the gangsters had taken all of their materia, and they were unarmed. In short, they were at the mercy of the mafia boss. They passed numerous hangers and storage bays, unused weapons and armor left over from the days of Meteor and the Weapons. The prisoners entered the cockpit, and found yet another of Corneo's gaudily decorated bedrooms. Alex shoved Yuffie into a seat and tied her down, tightening the ropes until she screamed. Reno tried to jump him, but one of Corneo's guards cracked him in the skull with his rifle. Reno dropped like a stone, unconscious. The guard picked Reno up and tied him to a chair also, then left the room. Corneo hopped on his bed and propped his head in his hands. "Should I have my way with the girl before we kill her, Alex?" he asked, giggling. Alex shuddered and replied, "Uncle, it is my decision what becomes of this brat, not yours. I will cover the floor in her blood before this day is out, and I do not want my pleasure spoiled by you." Corneo grew angry with his nephew's insubordinance, but he said nothing, in truth, Corneo was deathly afraid of his nephew. The boy had a wicked streak in him that surpassed Corneo's own perverse one. He could well imagine the boy taking pleasure spreading his insides all over the deck of the ship. Scarlet interrupted, "Boys, quit your pissing match and let's get to work." Corneo giggled again, and rolled onto his back, "Oh goody! I love this part. Little girl, where are the Huge Materia? You will tell me, or I'll let Alex here paint my ship with your guts." Yuffie shuddered as Alex grinned evilly at her. She replied, "I don't know where they are anymore, and if I did, I'd rather die than tell you." Reno moaned from his spot, starting to come around. Scarlet went to him and slapped him hard. "Wake up, Turk. You should see your friend's last moments!" she yelled at him. Reno's eyes popped open, he had heard the last sentence. "Let her go now, or I swear I'll..." he roared. Alex laughed and struck him hard across the face, blood trickling from him mouth. "Shut up, carrot-top. Watch how a real man handles his women." He sneered. It was at that moment a scream came from outside, and the door was ripped from it's hinges. A purple beast charged in and rammed into Alex, sending him flying across the cockpit and striking the wall hard. He cried out and held a hand to his broken ribs as the creature wavered and Vincent stood there, aiming straight at Don Corneo. "Your tricks end here, Corneo, we've killed you twice already, this will be the last time." He said gravely. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Scarlet charge. Stepping aside, he kicked her in the head, throwing her back. With his claw he slit the ropes on Yuffie and Reno, and returned to the stunned Don Corneo, who was so terrified he couldn't even move.
"Where is that bastard, I'll kill him!" Reno yelled, searching wildly for Alex, who had disappeared. Yuffie stood and walked calmly over to Scarlet, who was holding her head and groaning. "You always were a bitch, you know that Scarlet?" she said, right before she punched her in the face, breaking her jaw and knocking her out. As Reno searched for Alex, Vincent had been reciting a list of crimes to Don Corneo, "Those are your crimes, you disgusting pig, you have been found guilty, and now you are sentenced to die." Reno looked up, angry, "Just shoot the bastard, Vincent, he knows what he's done." Vincent glared at Reno, and asked Corneo, "Do you have any last words, or would you like to go out with a small amount of dignity?" Corneo still sat there, stunned. Vincent nodded, "Dignity it is." A single shot range out, and Corneo's body hit the floor. Vincent looked around, stunned. "I didn't fire that, where's the shooter?" he yelled. Alex emerged from the corner, his side bleeding from broken ribs and a pierced lung. "I won't let my uncle bring shame on my family by blubbering like a little girl when faced with death." He gurgled, his lungs filled with blood. From across the cockpit, Reno let out a roar, and snatched up a pole that held the late Don Corneo's bed upright, and tore it from the bed. He reared back, and yelled, "You won't ever hurt her again, you bastard!" With that final cry, Reno hurled the spiked pole at Alex, who had just enough time to scream before in pierced his chest and stapled him to the wall. His eyes spun wildly for a second, and then, with a gurgle, Alex died. Reno, his anger gone, sank to the ground, not believing what he had done. Yuffie just stared at him, the realization dawning on her that he had killed a man for her, because he had hurt her. He loved her. However, she didn't have long to think about it, because just then, the pole and Alex were pushed off the wall, and a huge geyser of water shot through, beginning to fill the cockpit. "Reno, take Yuffie and get out of here, I'll be right behind you." Vincent ordered. He stopped just long enough to pick up the unconscious Scarlet and throw her over his back, before running after his fellow Turks. Just as they reached the sub and shut the hatch, a mighty groan escaped the crashed plane, and the doors gave way, the plane filled with water, slowly sinking further to the bottom, and along with it, Don Corneo's legacy. With Scarlet in the cell, Vincent driving, Reno and Yuffie sat and stared at each other, neither believing what was happening between them. Reno finally found his voice and said simply, "So, how about that date, tomorrow night?" Yuffie's eyes filled with tears, and she ran and embraced him.