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Other Careers for Yuffie

Other Careers for Yuffie

After the Meteor crisis has been handled, our young materia thief may want to seek a different profession, considering that many people already want to see her lynched, and not many people will have materia to steal. So here are some other careers our favorite ninja could consider:

Pop Icon
With the recent craze over such teenagers as Britney Spears, Cristina Aguilara, and Mandy Moore, why not Yuffie Kisaragi? She already has some good dance moves from her ninja training, and she has the crazy outfit down, all she needs is some good songs, and we've got a new star!

Professional Baseball
Think about it, Yuffie as the first female pitcher ever! She's got the throwing ability, the poise, and if the game's in trouble, she can pitch a few shurikens to throw off the batter!

We saw her try her stuff in Junon when the Weapon attacked, and who wouldn't want to see Yuffie reporting on how your favorite stars had been found dead drunk in the Midgar slums, or at the HoneyBee Inn?

Chocobo Jockey
She's light, she's quick, and if she's losing, she can steal someone's chocobo.

Perfect, Yuffie walking the runway modeling the latest in Materia Wear! Can you say "shwing?"

They've got Trish Stratus, Chyna, Terri Runnels, but they don't have Yuffie! To distract the referee, what if she stole his Authority materia?

Now here's a woman I'd vote for for president, although she's young, I think she'd do a great job, and she could beat up any of the other world leaders. Vote Yuffie in 2000!