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Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue

DOB: November 20

Age: 16 at start of FFVII

History: Yuffie was born in Wutai, and is the daughter of Godo, the ruler of the city.

Yuffie's childhood could hardly be called typical. As the daughter of the ruler she was not treated as an ordinary child by anyone. It soon became clear to all that Yuffie was the apple of Godo's eye, and he couldn't help but spoil her terribly. She soon realized that she had him wrapped around her finger, and was pampered and catered to by anyone at court who wished to get on Godo's good side. There was no one to disipline her, and as a result she ran wild. She became arrogant, willful and brash. To the few people who felt secure enough to mention this to Godo, he would just smile, shake his head, and say how much she reminded him of how he used to be in his youth, and they soon gave up on any attempts to try to get him to reign her in.

But in spite of her arrogance, Yuffie was not a malicious person, and there was one other thing beside herself that she did care about, and that was Wutai.

When Yuffie was an infant Wutai had been a prosperous and growing city, and in fact had been one of the two largest cities in the region, the other being Midgar. The two had been competing against one another for years before she was born, and the competition had not always been friendly.

When Godo took over as ruler he was still young, and filled with ambition for himself and his city. Wutai was stronger than it had ever been, and he was determined to make it the preeminent power in the region. He instituted a number of programs designed to rapidly increase both military and industrial capacity.

Midgar, of course, responded with it's own build up, and soon tensions between the two cities were running higher than ever. It seemed that it was just a matter of time before something sparked open conflict between the two, and this in fact was exactly what Godo had in mind.

Eventually a clash did occur, and the small border skirmish soon turned into open warfare between the two cities.

The war lasted for three years, with much loss of life on both sides. At first the advisaries were fairly evenly matched, and Wutai was victorious in a number of early battles. But one area where Midgar was clearly ahead was in scientific research, and Shinra soon had it's SOLDIER and Jenova projects in full production, creating soldiers far superior to anything Wutai could bring to the battlefield. When Sephiroth took command, Midgar's army soon became unstoppable.

In the end Godo saw that his arrogance had betrayed him, and he was forced to sue for peace. Midgar's conditions were harsh, but bearable. Godo remained the ruler of Wutai, but the city itself was severly diminished. Instead of making it the greatest power in the region, Godo was left with a city that was a mere shadow of it's former self.

Yuffie, of course, knew all this and it did not sit well with her. She longed for a Wutai that was strong again and often urged her father to try to bring back some of that former glory. Since the war Wutai had supported itself mostly with tourism, and she felt insulted that a city with such a proud history should stoop so low.

Here however, her father did not listen to her. He had been humbled once by what he now realized were his own selfish ambitions, and he would not fall into that trap again. He tried to explain this to her many times, but he got nowhere.

Seeing what she perceived as his losing heart she determined to do something herself about the situation. One of the traditions of their house was training in ninja skills, and since it was something she actually enjoyed, she had become quite good at it. Now she decided it was time to put some of her skills to good use.

Wutai could not become strong again without a strong financial base, but that base had collapsed after the war. She decided the best way to rebuild that base would be to accumulate materia, which could be found by an observant hunter in remote regions, and in other people's pockets in more populated areas. She was going to use all her skills to find as much materia as she could and bring it back to Wutai.

Godo did not object, not that it would have done any good, and soon she set off, searching for materia in the wild, or in the hand of anyone who looked like an easy mark. Thus it was that one day she came upon a group of travelers who seemed loaded down with more materia than they would ever need. She quickly befriended tham and became the newest member of AVALANCHE.